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Opening comissions + Durarara fanarts

Oh hi there !

First of all I just wanted to say that I'm opening comissions. I tried to make them cheap because. Well I can't draw perfectly, those are my first, I'm not popular at all, I'd just like to share... you can find an infinity of reasons. /buries herself
Informations are here

Anyways. I also wanted to share some things I drew and that I didn't post there ♥
Here it goes again.Collapse )

I hope you like them ♥

Welcome, new friends ♥

So, okay !
I saw on  my f-list that people were kind enough to say a little hello on their journal when they add friends from friending memes (friends like, for example, me). So I thought it would be kind of rude not to say myself :

Welcome~ ♥
(and I'm happy to meet you \o/)

So yeah. This journal is quite dead for now because I've a lot of work, but I feel like opening it again. I still draw anyways, and maybe have stuffs to say (well, not always fandom-ish, but still). But be sure I'll stalk follow you~

(yes don't ask me why I did that. Fox!Izaya.)
☆ Comment with the POWER OF ORANGE KNICKERS and I'll give you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Go post the answers on your journal with these instructions and spread the madness.

So in French :
★ Commentez d'un POUVOIR DES CULOTTES ORANGES et je vous poserai cinq questions pour satisfaire ma curiosité. Retournez sur votre blog pour poster vos réponses ainsi que les instructions et allez répandre la folie.

SO. hitto_sama  asked me...

1/ Qu'est-ce que ça fait d'être enfin dans les études supérieures ?
C'est globalement un mélange de PUTAINDESAMER et des coups d'oeil autour de toi qui sont quand même pas les mêmes. Je me sens plus à ma place, même avec les taulées dues à  mon orientation. D'ailleurs je me dis que c'est un échantillon d'une vie active : c'est bien, c'est beau, mais tu te prends des coups. Mais faut que ce soit beau quand même parce que voilà.

2/ Avignon est au sud, d'accord, mais il ne doit quand même pas y faire si chaud que ça en ce moment. La question est donc : as-tu renoncé aux shorts et débardeurs ?
NOPE il fait si peu froid tu vois, le vent ici c'est bourrasques quotidiennes à 75km/h. La joie. Mais tu sais quoi. Non. Je n'ai point renoncé. Aujourd'hui même en cours j'étais en débardeur et du moment que j'ai une paire de collants, je fais des miracles. Y'a pas un diction qui dit que seuls les idiots n'attrapent pas froid ?

3/ J'ai lu quelque part qu'Avignon était l'une des villes à la plus forte criminalité de France si on considère le ratio nb de crime/nb d'habitants résidents. Est-ce que ça se confirme quand on y vit ?
Oui oui oui et re-oui. Avignon est une ville de gros lourds et de racailles, genre 80% de la population. Mon lycée, c'est la zone. Tu ne peux pas sortir sans te faire suivre/draguer/klaxonner/lourder ou autre, déjà. Et à côté, y'a des cambriolages sympa. Je suis pas vraiment rassurée.

4/ Oui, mes questions sont aussi épaisses d'un énoncé de dissertation. Est-ce que ça va gêner ton travail scolaire ?
Je. Crois ne pas avoir tout saisi, en fait.

5/ Tu as un livre préféré en ce moment ?
Vu que je n'ai plus le loisir de lire ce que je voudrais, je vais devoir citer dans la lecture imposée - mais la liste est plutôt longue, donc allons bon. Les Faux-monnayeurs, il était pas mal. André Gide.


Who died ? - Our akita. - Evita !

So, here I am~

There are some reasons to the fact I was totally afk (or at least away from Livejournal) lately, so let me resume it as I can. This was supposed to be filled by fangirl things but I'm not in the mood it seems. My pug died this morning indeed.

- I got my exams, with mentions, so I'm done with school. Somehow. The different parties and things over it easily lasted ten days. It was fun.

- Just before that, I learned that I was accepted in my prep school this year. (Now I'm switching to French juste because) Donc me voilà partie pour un an d'hypokhagne. C'est donc assez probable que je devienne une légende urbaine par ici, déjà que mon rythme de publication aussi bien LJ que Dev' n'a rien à envier à un zombie. Je déménage en Août et j'habite seule...

- I'm 18 now, yay. I kidnapped clewilan for my birthday week. I love youuuu honey ♥
Pic will come. But My mother took the camera with her OTL

- clewilan and I had a Pilote days. It means that we watched the first episode of series we liked or we wanted to watch together. So :

- The Big Bang Theory : Damn you Clemy, I totally fell in love with thos damn geeks. This serie is trully awesome. I have to change my icons for a Sheldon one (Or maybe I should wait for paid account, hmmm).
I can't find the last episode from from the first season with sound and image matching !

- Glee : Well this time, you can blame chastily . I watched the first episodes with her and... finally continued on my own to finish the season. It's fun, and easy to watch. But I think it's really cliché sometimes (the plot and the pairings made me feel like I was watching Degrassi), and I got tired of always seeing Rachel and Finn singing. The others are talented, though ! (Artieee, Santanaaa. But Quinn has such a beautiful voice too.)
So anyways, I'm always listening Four minutes (and the show were great), all Artie's songs, and Bad Romance ahaha. Also, Dream on ! (Barneyyy)
And. Shue is hot. I love Emma.

- Merlin : With Clemy again. I. We. We didn't get really well why there was such a buzz about it. At first we thought it was some remix of Arthur and Merlin's story, but the only new thing is that they're the same age and that you can ship them as a pairing ? Again, really stereotypes, déjà-vus and things. I assume it doesn't last but I won't watch :/
And we were counting the plot-point everywhere. Like "Omg, I've a Plot-point around my neck 8D". Still, commenting it was fun.
Clemy : Oh, let me see, beautiful unknown person. Tell me you're not Guenievre ? It would be too easy.
Girl : My name is Guenievre.
Me : My master.

- I also showed her How I met your mother and Scrubs. No need to tell what I think about those ♥

And when I'll get my mood back, I will finally give everybody the drawings I owed you. I'm totally forgetting things, but it doesn't really matter (Oh, I wanted to post my drawings of Ponyo on the Cliff). I'll post more, now ♥

© The Candy Stand

Durarara. Me. Stuff.

Hey oh, people~ ;;

So. I'm still alive but I've been kinda dead lately for some reasons I will tell on another post. SO. MANY. THINGS.
This post is just to show two fanarts I made of Durarara!!, because I'm now addicted, geez. Expect some more doodles (I know I told you the same thing about Mirai Nikki but. UH. The last chapters were so WEIRD, seriously.)

So ♥
That way~Collapse )
And that's all ;;;
I hope you like it !
I'm late, I'm late for everything I want to do, I suck so much lately ;;;
Remember when I said that I had time again ? Well, THEN, work came back. Urg. Just thinking that it will probably last until July is not always easy, *sighs*
I'll do it !

So, anyways, I'm late for shadow_of_egypt and na_shao birthdays !
Happy birthday to both of you, cuties ! I wish you the very best~

So, I planned on giving you the drawing you asked on the request post, na-chan, but I didn't finish it. I will really soon, really ;;;
And I did this in a rush and a need of drawing today for Shadow. I hope you like it éuè (I wonder if I'm gonna post on KF commu...)

hurry pic is hurryCollapse )

*Sighs again and goes hide*
Sorry for the lame quality. Luv ♥ !

Fanart - Phoenix and Dragoon

I was just drowning under work, so I took some time this afternoon to draw a little~
I'm actually on another fanart too, but it seems that I wanted to color, today. I had this idea in mind since Monday :3

KF - Tattoo by ~Waders on deviantART

Moar Kurofay. But not really.
During an hour it killed me, but everytime I listened Fay's theme song I felt better, dunno why *stupid*

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

I-I want to see it so badly ! ;;;
It's been a while since I watched Haruhi, and I didn't even take a look on the last season - I should, though, even if it seems weird... But this trailer looks awesome ! /random

... I think I'm gonna watch the season 2. I've time again~
And I just remembered that OMG I didn't finish your doodles/comissions thingies ! I've to do them ! I couldn't draw recently, I was overwhelmed with boring work.

End of holiday are holiday to me ♥

Aw, okay guys, very funny.

 But now could YOU take OFF this THING.
(I was really scared, hey !)

Hebergement gratuit d image et photo

Hebergement gratuit d image et photo

EDIT : Ahaha~ This one really made me laugh xD

Hebergement gratuit d image et photo

Spying meme

So here the answers :3

So, shadow_of_egypt asked for my WIP. *coughs*
There were SO MANY unfinished work ! Here's a bunch of them...Wip ;;;Collapse )

clewilan , here go my fictions. BUT. There three folders (ahem) : Two random from two different computers, and one old, the last one. But VERY old. I thought you might want to see it D: Fictions folderCollapse )
chastily choosed this. Ok. What the...Collapse )

And I'll edit for akitochiaki ;;;